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Digi-Mark International
Leave Your Mark.

Learn how you can increase conversions on your website as soon as today by answering 4 simple questions every website visitor asks themselves when they visit your website.

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Who We Work With.

We work with SMEs across multiple niches/industries/sectors/verticles, however, we specialize in helping:


Helping e-commerce store owners increase their sales through web optimization and Social media marketing


You deserve to serve your clients at the highest level but cant do that if you thinking about marketing and tech work. We help eliminate that so you can focus on helping your clients


Getting products seen by as many as possible through listing services, SMM and amazon PPC


Entrepreneurs and Business owners looking to grow online but have no idea where to start or are overwhelmed and need a step by step action plan

Website Development & Design

Connect with your audience & increase your Conversions

Create a  brand Ambasador that represents your brand and sells for you in YOUR SLEEP!

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Website Maintenance

Keep your sales engine running.

Just like a car that you need to maintain to help you get you from point a-z… is equally important to maintain your website to help you keep getting new customers/clients and repeat ones.

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Strategy Sessions

Discover & exploit your revenue opportunities

Get to discover exactly where your customers/clients are through a series of discovery sessions and take advantage of all the revenue opportunities to help you grow!

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Selected Projects

Digital Case studies.

We provide digital experience services to startups and small businesses.

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Company name

Discover Our Proven Result-Driven process.

We help you convert your target audience from knowing nothing about you to becoming hot fans and brand ambassadors that spread the word about your solution.


Identify where your audience who have the very problem that you are trying to solve and put your solution in front of them at the right time.


Make sure we are talking to the right people at the right time by taking them through a proven customer journey process.


Invite them to engage with you by either signing up for a consultation, taking advantage of a special promotion or by buying your main offer or offers.


Make sure we create an experience and follow-up system that turns your target audience into raving fans and has them coming back again and again.

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