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Key Points We Shall Cover

Your Launch Path

What you are doing now? And what needs to be done to get you from where you are now to where you NEED to be!

Questionnaire Review

The main elements that are important to have your on your website and online presence

The Sticky-Icky Discovery

Here its all about discovering and uncovering what makes you stuck. identifying the bottlenecks and getting clear on how to solve them to meet your goals and objectives

Building Your Tribe/Fan base

Your customer avatar, your ideal customer. Where are they? who are they? what are their interests and issues and how can we have many like them rushing to buy and engage with you and your site.

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What our customers are saying:

Josh and his super skilled team transformed our ecommerce sites! 

What can I say. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Josh.  He has an eye for design and conversion. These skills are invaluable and not many developers I have worked with get both right. We our excited to launch our clients ecommerce brands for even better conversion and we look forward to working with him again.

ROCHELLE ODUBELA  //  Founder at The Healthy Bites.

I HIGHLY recommend you work with him! 

Josh is super passionate about what he does, whether you're looking for e-commerce advice or video animation, Josh is the guy you want to be working with. We had a strategizing session together and the knowledge he shared with me shall change my outlook on many aspects of my ventures forever. He is responsive and has a fantastic knowledge base and personality.

BEN PRECIOUS  //  CEO at Pace Social Media Solutions


"The Greatest Investment one can make is that into another human life" 

Meaning its about the lives that you make (better, improve) that touch generation and create a lasting legacy.

Passionate about helping business owners online luanch, grow and scale. 

Let's connect and discover how we can make your product make an impact in your community and the world at large. 

Josh Fernandez

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